to listen or not to listen

This morning I received the Eurovision 2011 CD in the post (yeah, it was pre-ordered, I'm just that obsessed organised). I have heard the UK entry already, natch, but I haven't listened to any others apart from Ireland's entry (it's performed by Jedward - how can a girl resist such kitsch?)

Now the big question is: should I listen to the CD before the show?

I shouldn't listen to it because...
  • I have never listened to the songs prior to the live show before, apart from when watching the semi-finals.
  • It will ruin the surprise of the songs when I watch the live show.

I should listen to it because...
  • I'll be able to learn the song words and then be able to sing along while watching it on TV.
  • It won't ruin the surprise because I still won't know what the acts look like/will be wearing, which is a huge part of the enjoyment for me.


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