a splendid royal wedding

The Royal Wedding this morning was soooooooooo good!

- the dress was stylish and elegant;
- the service was beautiful;
- the cake was awesome (chocolate biscuit cake no less!);
- the bride and groom looked so utterly happy!

I spent the day with my granny and my cousin, and watched the entire thing from 9am until 8pm! We discussed the ridiculous headwear of some of the guests, sat in excited silence through the main ceremony, and "ooh"-ed and "aah"-ed in all the right places.

We ate cucumber sandwiches (on white bread, natch), scones with cream and jam, strawberries and cupcakes, and drank Will and Kate tea: a good ol' proper English tea party!

Afterwards, we drank Cava and toasted the happy couple when they kissed on the balcony (twice!) - it was all incredibly splendid!

Did any of you watch it? What did you think?

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