porfell animal adventure

Animal-related adventures were on the cards today - I took a little trip to Porfell Wildlife Park in the absolute middle of nowhere. It was completely desolate. Perhaps when the British weather is beautiful the Cornwallies prefer to head to the beach than to tiny, secluded animal sanctuaries? Who knew?!

Here are some of the friends I made on my adventure:

...oh my goodness, however did that picture of a cream tea get in there? Teeheeeeeeeee.

The peacock in the picture may look pretty relaxed and comfortable, but the blighters (there were lots of them) practically stalked me the whole day - sneaking up on me from behind enclosures, from on top of enclosures and from anywhere else they could, the cheeky beggars! And the noises they made - blimey!

I was thankful to get away from it all, but before doing so I bought myself a sneaky Solero, nyom!

It seems that peacocks like Soleros.


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