a man of mystery appears: sogeking

In my role as "the crafty one" of the group, it often falls to me to make costumes, birthday cakes, badges, banners and all sorts of other goodies when my friends "need" them...

...my latest (thrust-upon) project was a mask for my good friend Toby to wear during the Sci Fi London Easter Parade. Naturally, I wasn't told about this until the day before the event so I spent most of Saturday afternoon painting, cutting and sticking.

The sci-fi character that Toby decided to dress as was Sogeking, the alter-ego of Usopp the sniper, from the Japanese manga/anime One Piece. If you don't know about/haven't heard of One Piece, all you need to know is: if you like pirates with awesome super-powers, ridiculous storylines and an ├╝ber catchy theme tune, you'll like it. I flippin' love it.

Can you work out which one is Sogeking in the crowd?

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