eden project adventure

I have travelled (almost) the breadth of the country to visit my family in Kernow for the weekend. We decided to go and play at the Eden Project today, somewhere I have never actually visited despite my family having lived here for 9 years!

If you haven't heard of the Eden Project, it's like a huge garden with two enormous domes containing collections of plants from all over the world - one of the biomes emulates a tropical environment and the other a Mediterranean environment. We decided to go to the tropical one first, and man was it h.o.t. So much so that the lens of my camera kept steaming up, making photo-taking quite an interesting endeavour.

The Mediterranean biome was nowhere near as warm, but still very pleasant, and full of pretty flowers, including these beautiful 'flaming parrot' tulips:

I'll only be in Cornwall another day or two, so I wonder what other adventures I will get up to while I'm here! Have any of you been to Cornwall?

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