E to the U to the R to the O to the VISION!

There is only one month to go until the Eurovision Song Contest 2011, and I can barely hide my excitement!
  • I have pre-ordered the Eurovision CD (released on 18th April, woo!)
  • I am in the process of finding a foodstuff from every participating country (Bulgarian biscuits FTW!)
  • I have been looking for awesome Eurovision merchandise... but devastatingly to no avail - the official sites just sell rubbishy t-shirts and bags and stuff, and since no one really actually likes Eurovision in this country apart from me and the Swedes who live here, it's quite a challenge to find anything Eurovision-y and fabulous...
Hope is not lost, however, as the Australians have never let me down yet! Able and Game, based in Melbourne, have the most wonderful card for sale in their Etsy shop. Here it is in all it's glory:

It highlights my exact feelings towards Eurovision in such a succinct manner that it is almost unreal.

Able and Game, I love you.

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Claire said...

Love love love this! (and you!)


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