challenge accepted + tiny treasures

As word of my obsessive crane-making travels through work, I have been left lovely little gifts of various sized cranes on my desk. Yesterday's crane, from a student, was about an inch long but I was able to match it, hurrah!

But then today's crane was even smaller (about half an inch wide) and was quite a challenge to beat...

...but I still beat it! (the yellow one is mine)

Despite my best efforts, I don't think I will ever get quite as small as these pretties...

tiny cranes by littlesketchbook - 100% of the proceeds from the sale
of these tiny cranes will be sent in support of Japan's disaster relief

tiny crane in a tiny bottle by LatentArcadia - all profits from the sale of
these tiny cranes will go to the Red Cross for the relief efforts in Japan

The world's smallest origami crane was made from a sheet of paper 1mm x 1mm and was made under a microscope using a sewing needle - no chance of beating that one then! Just in case you're interested, more origami world records can be found here.

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