birthday party success - woo!

Wow - the party that I hosted for my best friend Kaz last night was AWESOME! We had snacks and cake and cookies and fizzy pop and bunting and animal shaped balloons and, best of all, PARTY GAMES! I constructed some tiny trophies (with Dymo labels and everything) as prizes for the winners of musical bumps, musical chairs and musical statues.

Instead of playing normal musical statues, we decided to make things a bit more interesting - for every round, a song was selected and a type of dance was called out: we had the Charleston, high school slow dance, the robot, hand jive, Thriller dance, jazz hands, tango, skanking, dirty R&B, headbanging - all sorts. And then we just started yelling out styles in which the contestants should dance: as though you are an angry teenager, as though you are a dinosaur, as though you are an angry teenage dinosaur, as though you are made of jelly.... etc. It was pretty immense! I don't think a game of musical statues has ever been quite as competitive as this one between my friends, I just wished I had filmed it for your amusement! My body still hurts from laughing so much! Claire was victorious! Woo!

We also had pin the horn on the unicorn, which I had spent all afternoon creating, and she was worth it! She was beautiful and the game caused much hilarity all round.

We also played pass the parcel (the best game known to man) and chocolate scramble which was just insane as no one actually knew how to play the game apart from me! They soon got the hang of it though, and it ended up, as all games in the evening had, in fits of giggles.

I had an utterly awesome time, and it wasn't even my birthday party. It was well worth all the effort to see the Birthday Girl enjoy herself so much!

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Claire said...

Brilliant party sweetie & I had a blast, as did everyone I think!


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