a birthday party fit for a princess

My reputation seems to have preceded me - as well as being asked to be a (potentially awesome) Wedding Planner, I have now also been asked to be a (potentially awesome) Party Planner! This is super exciting, I haven't had a good party in aaaaagggeeeessssss!

It is my best friend's birthday this week and she wants a children's birthday themed party, like the ones we used to have when we were little, with party games and everything!

This is what I have come up
with so far:

Pin the Horn on the Unicorn
Musical Chairs
Chocolate Scramble
Duck Duck Goose
Unicorn piƱata
...and the King of all games, Pass The Parcel!

I am also preparing a feast of childish delights (jelly and ice cream, anyone?), fit-for-a-princess decorations and a cake made of macarons. It is going to be splendid!

I would love to have super sophisticated favour boxes like these pretty polka dot ones from The Posh Event, but I'm pretty sure she has her heart set on children's party bags - to keep with the theme!

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