Yoyo Razorclaw: An Official Introduction

I completely forgot to say thank you to Yoyo for her wonderful "guest post" the other day when I was unwell (it was nothing big, just virusy and icky) - so thank you Miss Meower!

Since she so kindly introduced herself to you already I feel I should continue her good work, so here is some extra info about everyone's favourite meower:

Full name: Yoyo Razorclaw
Age: 20 months
Weight: 4kg
Length: long!
Likes: tissue paper, Christmas trees, her pink wind-up mouse, long naps
Dislikes: loud noises, things hanging from the ceiling, people with beards, other meowers
Favourite foods: cheese, chips, bread with jam

...and just for good measure here is a super pretty picture of her lounging in my studio, for your amusement!

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