forgive me my irono-patriotism

Some common stereotypes of the British are: they all drink vast quantities of tea (guilty), obsess over the weather (guilty - I even have a wall chart of all the cloud types in my bathroom), have no sense of humour (nonsense!), all talk in Cockney Rhyming Slang (only ironically) and love the Royal Family. Now, I'm sure the Queen is nice enough, but I don't generally go in for the whole Royal Family "thing" that a lot of British people (and even more tourists) do. I don't own a single commemorative Royal Family plate, thimble, ceramic bell, coin, teapot or eggcup. I'm sorry to disappoint.

However... after saying all that (and apologising even!) I have to slightly take it back... a bit. The forthcoming wedding between Wills and Kate has changed me. For the worst. Gone are the sneers of derision and complete indifference of all things Royal-y. I bloody love Wills and Kate! So much so that I am calling him "Wills" instead of "William". I don't know what has happened to me. I think it was the discovery of this:

I know the picture is small, but the concept more than makes up for it! It's a Royal Wedding Souvenir Sticker Album. Oh yes. And I have just ordered myself one. I know, I know, but it's irono-patriotism, so surely it's OK?

Buy your own here! Go on! Do it! Then we can play swapsies!

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I am adorkable said...

I too can honestly say I don't own a single commemorative Royal Family item and yes, I am a stereotypical Brit in regards to being guilty of drinking lots of tea (drinking one right now actually) and that I obsess and moan about the weather. I didn't watch the royal wedding on TV - I didn't need to really, almost everyone on my FB was giving me their version of a live commentary! I'm happy for them don't get me wrong, and I'm sure his mother would have been proud - any mother would be in fact.
The Souvenir Sticker book sounds interesting - although I think I'll be passing the offer on purchasing one of those too I'm afraid! ;)
I stumbled across your blog via Campfire Chic. I hope you don't mind gaining a new follower.

xo Amy.

Vixie said...

Hi Amy! I honestly didn't think anyone else would be interested in anything as ridiculous as a Royal Family sticker book, though I weirdly enjoyed it! I sent off for the last few stickers the other day, plus the ones from the actual wedding. I accidentally got a bit addicted, eek! Thank you for your comment!

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