Personalised baby birthday pictures

I am going to visit my friend and her 2 month old twin girls today. I'll take her some of my brownies and the picture that I've drawn as a gift for the girls for their birthday (only a little late..!)

When I was born my mum made me a sampler stitched with my names, my date of birth and the alphabet. When other children in the family were born shortly after me they were made birth date gifts by other members of the family. I always thought it was normal practice to be given gifts with names and DOB on, but the boy says he has never heard of doing that and certainly doesn't have one of his own. If it's just something that's not done much these days I think it's really sad so I decided to make one for the girls. I met them for the first time a few weeks ago and had to decide which animals I wanted to use. Imogen has a tendency to scrunch up her nose like a little rabbit and Tabitha is, apparently, already a bit of a cheeky monkey so I wonder if you can guess which animals I used?

Here's the final picture:

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